What is a Title Company and what can they do for you?

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

You have heard about Title Companies, they not just do the real estate paperwork, what they are also responsible about is all the related to the real estate, like collect and reviewing documents, run insurance policies all this to make sure that the title of both parties is legitimate and proceed to help speed up closings.


When the agent of the title company talks about the Title Insurance Policy, it means a protection for the owner against any legal fees or issues from the ownership of the property. Also, you might know that the Insurance Company and the Title Company are not the same, they are independent, but in the most of the cases, the Title Company agent receives a commission to cover the paperwork for you while you just look on your furniture for the new home.


First of all, your title agent should be a person to trust on, so a great and fluent communication is a most, notably, technology make each other closer, so a 24/7 support is really helpful, some Title Companies have this already incorporated on their service.

As you may meet a multiple occasion with you agent, you should consider the location, also you can ask about the willing to meet you outside the office, it would be a plus to be available regardless the location!

Finally, the experience and the transparency of the Company will make you fill comfortable in any time, so try to pick a Title Company who already had experience on transaction like yours.

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