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Thank You Attendees

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Hello Z Title Group Partners,

Thank you all for attending our Z Title Group Lunch & Learn Educational Event. We hope you found value in the presentations and are eager to grow you Real Estate Business with Video and a Social Media Strategy! If you have feedback on the event or would like to suggest a topic for a future event, please to our quick survey at


As promised, we are attaching the presentations for your background AND:

  1. A link to the United Abolitionist website. Please join us in spreading the word and wisdom about the importance of the work that Tomas Lares and his team are doing. If you choose to make a donation, the link is: United Abolitionists (

  2. Ken Paskman from Kenneth & Allen Real Estate Photography would like to offer the attendees a FREE Multi-Media Marketing Kit with your first photoshoot booking. To obtain the Media Kit, book via the online portal or via email using the discount code "ZTITLE" at

  3. Anthem Home inspections would like to remind you that all Full Home Inspections include a complimentary 4-Point and Wind Mitigation Report to assist your clients as they seek competitive Home Insurance quotes.

“Video that Stands Out from the Crowd” – Jennifer Giles / WFG

(Attached Presentation)

“Digital Marketing with a Human Touch” – Bryan Bruce / Your Brand Voice

(Attached Powerpoint)

Once again, Big Thanks to Jennifer, Bryan, and Tomas for sharing their wisdom!

Vilmarys “V” Metropulos

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